BAT Loc EU12

Battery GPS/Glonass/GPRS locator for GPS Loc system with SIM card and 12 months localization service within the EU countries.

BAT Loc is a small, battery-operated locator designed for localization, securing and finding of a stolen vehicle, goods or other property. It is using satellite positioning systems GPS and GLONASS to determine the position. In case the satellite signals are unavailable (for example in a building or garage) the localization is ensured from GSM network by identification of logged BTS stations.

Operating modes of BAT Loc


Standard mode

The locator sends its current position in regular 24 hour intervals. The user can check the position of his vehicle or other tracked object via transparent mobile application.

Tracking mode

In case of its lost or theft of the vehicle, the user can activate the tracking regime via remote access. During the next connection to the server, the locator accepts the command to track and starts to transmit periodically in 10 minute intervals its current position, which makes the localization and finding faster.


Main features of BAT Loc

Does not need an external power supply

It is powered solely by its internal battery, from which it can operate in standard mode up to 2 years

Does not need professional installation

Simply place it in a hidden place

It is not possible to locate it by signal detector

Thanks to transmission operating mode the locator is most of the time in sleep mode, transmits only at set time

Saves battery

after being awaken from the sleep mode, the locator connects to the server for the necessary time only, it sends its current position, and re-enters the sleep mode

Features of the BAT Loc device

Operation using internal battery

It does not require external power supply, recharging or frequent battery exchange

Automatic control of functionality

Server alerts the user in case of connection loss with locator

Motion detection mode

It is designed to guard static objects

Low battery alert

The system automatically sends an alert via mobile application or email

Optional accessories of BAT Loc

  BAT Loc battery// Spare battery for GPS/Glonass/GPRS locator BAT Loc


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The locator uses GPS LOC servers

Communication with the server is done through GPRS data connection.

Each device has assigned user account where the user is able to manage all his localization devices through comfortable user interface. The access to this account is secured by username and password. GPS Loc servers use the highest protection against capture of passwords via SSL protocol with EV certificate which is also used by banks to ensure protection of internet banking accounts.

It is possible to track the online location, history, to set alerts, view notifications for locators, change the parameters and settings of other locator models that are supported by the GPS LOC system through this web user interface.

The GPS Loc mobile application is available for smartphones with Android and iOS operation system. With this application the user can conveniently and easily ensure the protection of vehicles, goods or his other property. The application receives reports and then alerts the user to the event being tracked through notification and also acoustically. Warning is also displayed in case that the GPS Loc application is not currently running in the mobile phone. It allows to switch on manually or automatically the surveillance of the tracked object.


Prolongation of the prepaid service

The user will receive automatic notification to the approaching end of the prepaid period. Then he can easily order the prolongation of the prepaid service for data transfer in the GPS Loc system for a period of another 2 months. The localization service applies for the territory of EU countries + Switzerland.


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