OBD Loc EU12

Unique and sophisticated system for securing and online GPS localization of passenger cars or vans designed for diagnostic OBD-II socket. It is delivered with an active SIM card and prepaid 12 months long localization service within the EU countries.

OBD Loc provides localization and securing of vehicles through GPS/GLONASS/ GPRS locator in a special version. It is suitable for all passenger cars and vans equipped with standardized diagnostic OBD-II socket, except for vehicles with intelligent battery charging management. The most of passenger cars and commercial vehicle models since manufacturing year of 1996 are equipped with this OBD-II connector, which means compatibility with a really large number of brands and models of vehicles.
The installation of the device is based on its connection to the diagnostic connector. For hidden installation or in case of inappropriate placement of the original OBD-II socket it is possible to use an extension cord. If the user wants to leave the diagnostic socket accessible when the GPS device is connected, it is possible to buy OBD-II cable hub.
OBD Loc is equipped with internal backup battery which ensures warning alert even after disconnection from the power supply – sabotage.


OBD Loc allows various settings of securing mode:


  • Automatic mode with the function of planner
  • Manual activation and deactivation of surveillance
  • Automatic creation of virtual surveillance zone around the vehicle after the ignition is switched off. If the vehicle leaves the area without the ignition being switched on, the user will receive an immediate warning.


Main device properties

Does not require fixed, professional installation

enough to plug in to the OBD-II socket

Possibility of using alternately in various vehicles

Variable placement option

using of extension cables

The possibility of preserving the diagnostic socket

using of cable hub

Backup battery

allows to detect and alert the user to disconnect the power supply

Various securing mode

automatic mode or manual activation/deactivation

OBD Loc locator is able to evaluate and send alert to:

Start/Stop of the vehicle’s engine

Connection/disconnection of power supply

Induction of shocks in the vehicle

Unauthorized movement – e.g. vehicle towing

Low battery power of the vehicle

Loss of data connection with the GPS Loc server

Optional accessories for OBD Loc

  OBD Y cable External //

Cable hub with OBD-II connectors. It serves to connect the OBD Loc device while maintaining the diagnostic socket free, or to connect two devices simultaneously. Wiring connectors are isolated, makes it possible for outdoor use.


OBD Y cable Internal //

Cable hub with OBD-II connectors. It serves to connect the OBD Loc device while maintaining the diagnostic socket free, or to connect two devices simultaneously. Cables are suitable only for indoor use.



A separate power connector to the OBD Loc device.


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The locator uses GPS LOC servers

Communication with the server is done through GPRS data connection.

Each device has assigned user account where the user is able to manage all his localization devices through comfortable user interface. The access to this account is secured by username and password. GPS Loc servers use the highest protection against capture of passwords via SSL protocol with EV certificate which is also used by banks to ensure protection of internet banking accounts.

It is possible to track the online location, history, to set alerts, view notifications for locators, change the parameters and settings of other locator models that are supported by the GPS LOC system through this web user interface.

The GPS Loc mobile application is available for smartphones with Android and iOS operation system. With this application the user can conveniently and easily ensure the protection of vehicles, goods or his other property. The application receives reports and then alerts the user to the event being tracked through notification and also acoustically. Warning is also displayed in case that the GPS Loc application is not currently running in the mobile phone. It allows to switch on manually or automatically the surveillance of the tracked object.


Prolongation of the prepaid service

The user will receive automatic notification to the approaching end of the prepaid period. Then he can easily order the prolongation of the prepaid service for data transfer in the GPS Loc system for a period of another 2 months. The localization service applies for the territory of EU countries + Switzerland.


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